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Wine whip for brewing?

I watched the BTV episode and it seemed to me that there was no reason that the wine whip they used to degas the wine in the carboy could not be used to oxygenate the wort prior to the addition of the yeast. What do you think? Thanks.

Yeah man, it’s called a mix-stir. Where ya been??

Wine whip will certainly work, as expensive as they are you want to get all the use you can.

Yep, I have both and they work great. Its my SOP for aerating.

I have a mix-stir but I never remember to use it.

Mix stir with my cordless drill - it works great! 3 to 4 minutes makes a real nice froth driven into the wort. Maybe not as much O2 as with a stone, but enough for good fermentation.

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