Wine to Brandy!

I have been successful at several experiments to create wine, I’m looking at taking it to the next level! :wink:

Being the tinker’r that I am, I made my own still a while back, & looking at the ones we can buy… Run the wine thru it 3-4 times before trying to drink it, & maybe drip the last run thru a charcoal filter. You will make alcohol but never brandy unless you age in barrels & even then it won’t be worth it. The first drips you will get are of the bad alcohol type which is why distillery is illegal for the privite individual.

I’d do it for the novelty of it, but not for a nice brandy per say.

What do mean by taking legal procedures? Are you in a country where it’s legal? If your in the U.S. you can legally distill for fuel only which requires a permit.

States have their own laws, I think it’s legal in some states kinda like the whole marijuana thing going on now. I legally distill botanical oils and such :wink: has all the best info and forum. From New Zealand,land of the free, you have A cool site with instructional videos on making scotch style whiskey from mashing ,fermenting ,stilling,cuts and oaking. They also have a good forum.

Mile high in Colorado sells good affordable stills and columns that can triclamp to a beer keg. Hope that helps. Good luck and be careful.