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Willamette and Cascade Bines, Twin Cities

If theres any brewers in the twin cities area that would like some fresh hops I would really like to donate some. I’ve got Cascade and Willamette plants in their fourth year and with nursing school I don’t have the time to harvest them.

I’ll gladly chop down the bines and pass them off to anyone who’s willing to drive out to the Maple Grove area. Please give a holler if your interested.

Jesse John


Well I would certainly be interested in some hops and hop bines. How might I go about getting them??

I would also. Really cool of you to offer.

Hi I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to check back in until this monday morning. Thank you for replying back, I’ll be happy to pass them off to someone who can use them.

I’ll use the private message function to talk about my address and meeting times.

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