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Will wet hops clog my ball valve in brew pot?

Hi All,
going to make my first wet hop beer tomorrow.

will start with pellets for bitter 60 min.

then wet hops later.

my question is, if I add then right into brew pot, do the stay whole while boiling or do they fall apart?

will they clog in my ball valve as I try to drain it?



They will stay whole. If dry whole hops would clog your valve, so will wet ones.

You will need some sort of a SS scrubbie or some sort of screen to help keep the hops out of the ball valve.

Whole dry hops clog my dip tube/ball valve set up and like denny said you should expect the same from whole wet hops.

A whirl pool followed by 20-30 mins to settle in the middle “might” work if your pick up is on the side of the kettle. But a safer solution would be to bag up those hops

hop spider will save you the head ache. they are super simple to make.

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Hey all, this is what I used to help filter out all those fresh hops,
thanks for all the tips!

Mash/Boil Screen
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Here’s how I know. I was getting a funky burnt flavor in a few beers. Even a honey wheat, so I knew it wasn’t grain. The beer after the honey wheat when I was cleaning the kettle I noticed just by looking through the valve that there was some crap in there. Ball valves (even brass ones) will come apart. They’re threaded and sealed with red loctite, so you gotta reef on it, but when it comes apart clean out the loctite and clean all the crap that gets stuck in the ball recess and just hand tighten it when you use it later. I’ve been doing this for 30 beers and never had a leak during boil, nor any burnt flavors.

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