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Will this yeast work well?

I smacked a pack of Wyeast 3068 last saturday night. On Sunday morning the pack had not inflated. So I made a starter that morning to see if I could get it going. By the time I went to bed that night I was getting one bubble every 5 minutes. When I got home from work today it appears to be going at a nice clip of a bubble every 5 seconds.

My question is: Can I still use this yeast or has it been overly strained? I have read some posts talking about how yeast can be strained or affected by certain conditions. I would like to get my Dunkelweizen going tonight.

I figure I should also add that the day the order this yeast came with was delivered to my house it sat outside in 90 degree heat for a few hours. I am assuming that this is why the pack didn’t inflate very fast.

Assuming you didn’t make a huge starter (and the volume won’t affect the beer), just pitch the whole thing tonight, don’t try to cold-crash and decant.

You could also step up the yeast by pitching the starter to a half-gallon or so of the fresh wort and then pitch that to the rest of the batch once you see activity.

Thanks Shade.

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