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Will this fit in my keg?

So I built a single-tier 3-keg brew rig and especially love the keg mash-tun. My question: My buddy and I want to brew 10 gallons of Denny Conn’s Rye IPA. It will require about 30 lb of grain and about 10 gallons of water (I’m thinking I should mash thin since the rye is sticky and I don’t want a stuck mash/lauter). I’m not sure it will all fit into a single 15.5 gallon converted keg mash tun. Do you think I’m flirting with disaster here?

Any advice appreciated

Mash Volume Calculator

And yes it will fit.
30Lbs @ 1.35 qts per Lb = 12.53 gallon mash

Cool, Thanks for the link to that site - I had never seen that. Doesn’t the mash crush determine the mash volume though? Would seem that malt conditioning would result in a higher-volume mash. But what do I know.

I can’t imagine that it would make an appreciable difference. Grain type would probably make the largest difference, due to wheat and rye being more dense then barley.
Either way this calculator is just an estimate.

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