Will the Palmer/Kaminski "Water" book ever come out?

It was supposed to come out last year, before “Hops”. Then it got pushed back to April 2013, because Palmer said the topic turned out to be richer and in need of more research than initially expected. That’s great. I want the book to be in its best form. But I read a few months ago that it was completely done, just waiting to be printed and released. Today, I saw my pre-order on Amazon has been moved back again, now to November.

Is this book really happening?

Wondering the same thing - Ordered in a LONG time ago and eagerly awaiting it… Hopefully it will not get moved back again. Water is one of the most interesting and important topics in brewing (IMO) and it is usually kind of glossed over in most other books. As long as it is a great book… all is forgiven:)

Yes, it will. Looks like fall now.