Will it ferment?

Interested in hearing some of the stranger things you’ve made into alcohol.

I haven’t done anything too crazy. Most recently I discovered this stuff in a store near my home:

one bottle mixed up to one gallon of water gave me and SG of 1.08. It’s bubbling nicely now.

If there’s sugar in it it will ferment.

Friends of mine called it “hootch” when they had “extended vacation”.

I’m about to make a Maple wine using Maple Syrup, but that’s about as adventurous as I’ve gotten so far.

I keep thinking about brewing some Hard Pepsi, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet. It will probably be horrible, but I keep getting the itch, so it will probably happen sooner or later.

I will be trying my hand at some “malternative” beverages this summer, including some “Purple Drank” (Welches grape juice concentrate + Pink lemonade concentrate + DME).

Yep, thats the good stuff when they have a some " Down time".

I had a friend who made a maple wheat ale about a year ago. It was pretty fantastic.