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Will gelatin remove lactose?

I’ve brewed a Sweet Stout but unfortunately a good bit of the break made it into the fermentor. I’m thinking about using gelatin as a fining before kegging. However, I’m curious to know if there is a risk of loosing the body of the beer when I do this. In other words, will the gelatin remove the lactose? It’s probably not that big of a deal since it’s a dark beer but it would make me feel better if I could remove as much of it as possible. Or maybe I should just forget the gelatin and just give it a good cold crash to take care of my problem. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

No. The lactose is in solution. Gelatine is only going to remove material in suspension.

Cold-crash for a couple of days and it’ll be clear.

Got it! Thanks. I’ll cold crash it before kegging. Was just considering gelatin since there has been so much talk of it’s use lately.

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