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Wild yeast question

Lately it seems my beers are staying cloudy too long. Wondering about wild yeast. For the most part I’m not getting any off flavor but more like a lack of flavor.

Impossible to diagnose without more detail. Are you brewing with extract or all-grain? What is your process? How long do you boil? How vigorous is your boil? Do you use Irish moss? How long is your fermentation time? What yeast did you use? A whole lot more information would be needed to try to diagnose.

Also, do you cold crash?

If you aren’t getting funky flavors then its probably not wild yeast. Maybe starch from a change in your water characteristics. or one of a number of other possibilities.

I brew all grain and actually since I’ve had the problem I’ve been using bry-97 west coast dry yeast. I’ve had luck with a few extract batches with this yeast but not all grain. The reason I’m not blaming the yeast is that it’s supposed to be more flocculant than us05. So I assume its something else. After three weeks in primary the beers are very cloudy and the. After three more weeks at 35° F they aren’t much better.

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