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Wild Yeast from backyard hops?

Brewed a pale ale with my first harvest of backyard cascade hops.

Just open the first bottle fermented with wyEast 1337 N.West ale yeast.

Tastes more like a sour.

I’m wondering if the batch might have gotten some wild yeast in it from the hops.

All the hops were boiled so I don’t know how that would happened…

Any theories brothers and sisters?

Don’t blame the hops

What to blame…?

Can’t say, but if it did sour it would have to be from something post boil. Probably something at bottling. Hopefully just a bad bottle and the whole batch is not infected.

Brew Cat is right, you can’t get an infection from hops. Nothing that naturally lives on hops can thrive in beer - even if you dry hopped and added them post fermentation.

If it turns out to be bottle specific, review your bottle cleaning/sanitizing and bottling techniques. If every bottle is infected, take a look at how you transferred the wort from kettle to fermenter, and how you cleaned the fermenter and your racking equipment.

Just returning to this post. Second time I’ve had the same off off off flavor. Whole batch smelled of it before bottling.

Your advice rebuilt was spot on. I had to disassemble the valve of the boil kettle to discover gunk all inside it.
Oxicleaned, scrubbed, boiled it. About to sanitize and dry before storing.

Any other advice to remove , clean out infection?

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