Wild Oats Organic frozen raspberries to secondary

Should I be worried about pasteurizing these organic raspberries? Or can I just thaw and add them? Ingredients show only organic raspberries.

I would pasteurize for less risk. Wild yeasts would have survived the freezing.

So add some water to a saucepan and hold temp around 170 for a few minutes?

II think pasteurization is three minutes at 162° would be warm enough. Check this out in case my memory is bad. I know boiling is bad because of setting the pectin in fruit… Preheat the water then add the separated raspberries. Lightly mashing the berries will add more flavor.

I had this in one of my brewing tabs.

edit: The raspberries may need to be at least 170° at 10 minutes. Midwest information.

I wouldn’t bother. There’s a slight risk of infection, but nothing that will ruin your batch at this point. Most of the wild yeast and bacteria can’t survive above around 2%ABV, and the slight few that can may actually improve the beer.

If you do want to pasteurize, put them (thawed) in a ziploc bag and submerge them in 160°F water for 10 minutes. It won’t be strictly pasteurized, but the microbes that can survive in beer will not tolerate 160°F. The ones that can survive 160°F will be killed by the alcohol and pH.

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Agreed…I think it’s unnecessary based on my experience. I even put wild mushrooms, unwashed and unsanitized, into beer without any problems.

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I ended up adding water and bringing and holding the temp around 165 for 5 minutes. I then mashed them through my double mesh strainer trying to keep most of the seeds out. I’m sure a few got through. I’ll know for next time to just thaw them and add them. First time adding fruit. Thanks guys!