Widmer alchemy hops?

Does anyone have an idea what hops are used to make up Widmer’s alchemy hops? I am trying to make a Widmer hefe clone. They do not sell Widmer in Atlanta and I miss it. It was the first craft beer I ever tasted and is still one of my favorites. Thanks for the help!

The hops they had used or may still use are/were a blend of Warrior, Millennium, and sometimes with Horizon. According to some information out there the blend changes depending on the characteristics of each hop in the harvest year. Percentage of each is their secret.

Thanks! Any idea what the AA level would be on an oz of the blended hops? I understand the percentage of each would change from year to year. I just want to get a base line AA so I can start experimenting with percentages. Thanks again for any help/advice.

The AA% is part of the secret. Somewhere there may be a clone recipe with comments on how close it came to the breweries beer.