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Wide spread Pedio. Infection? Help

So I’ve had a cider going for about 2.5 weeks and it smells pediococcus. OG 1.052 FG.998. Had a bit of a lag time on the ferment. I tasted it and it wasn’t bad but it had some carb to it. I’m assuming that isn’t the norm straight out of the fermenter. Sooo I thought I would check my other beers in in secondary and this is what I found in my ipa

Next to it is a stout that I pray to god is ok (xmas). Can I save the IPA? and how the … do I kill off pedio!!! If that’s what it is

Just smelled the IPA, it smells like a sour would

I’m not aware of a particular smell from pedio, and I’ve used quite a bit of it. Are you smelling diacetyl? Pedio produces copious amounts of it.

Also, is that tin foil covering your fermenter in secondary? That’s the cause of infection in your IPA, and it’s not likely pedio or lacto, since hops inhibits both of these bacteria (though pedio to a lesser extent.) That pellicle could be from anything, though… brett, pichia, etc. Save the tin foil for a hat, and make sure you have a proper airlock for your secondary.

Believe it or not, both lacto and pedio can make a cider less sour, since they can convert malic acid into lactic acid, which is softer in taste.

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Yes diacetyl is what I mean, kinda buttery.
Tin foil - ran out of bungs

I wouldn’t worry too much about the cider yet. I’ve gotten diacetyl from brewers yeast in cider at that stage. As it matures, the yeast should clean it up. Unless you have clear signs of an infection, like a pellicle.

Looks like a glass carboy for your IPA? I share all my glass equipment between clean and funk, and have not run into cross-contamination issues. After you transfer your IPA out of there, give it a good warm oxy-clean soak followed by star-san, and that should take care of the infection. The IPA might still be good if you got a wild yeast in there, but if it’s gone sour then it might be a waste. Sour and bitter are not a great combination. But realistically, it’s next to impossible to sour a hoppy beer.

Just don’t put too hot of water in the carboy for the oxy soak - you don’t want to risk shattering the glass.

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