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Why use yeast nutrient

I made a starter for a blonde I will brew tomorrow. I harvested from a 1056 batch of rye pa. The kit came with yeast nutrient. Is there any reason to use it? If so, when?

Add yeast nutrient at about 10 mins before your boil ends. It helps provide nutrients to your yeast to help them get the job done. You can also add yeast nutrient to yeast starters to help them as well. I typically add half the amount as I would add for a 5 gallon batch.

Not seeing much info on this. Is it better to boost the starter or give the boost after pitching? Or maybe save it for a slow starting primary, next beer?

I have noticed my beers with aeration and yeast nutrient start quicker and appear to just have a better fermentation.


I’ll usually add nutrient to both. It is good to boost the starter so as to allow the rapid growth to occur at that point and have the yeast more ready to go in your beer.

I use it in my starter. When I boil the DME, I add a pinch of Yeast Energizer to it. The directions call for 1/2 of a tsp per 5 gallons. To scale it down to a 1-2L starter would be not too much YE, so like I said I add a pinch and have had great results.

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