Why the Rice Hulls in Pumpkin Beer?

I’ve been searching for a couple pumpkin recipes, after brewing on myself. I need to work out a quality pumpkin beer because simply put, I love it. After reading around for a few weeks now, I notice several people suggesting to add rice hulls? Why?

Pumpkin can possibly gum up your runoff and cause it to stick. It depends a lot on your equipment, but adding rice hulls loosens up the mash and helps prevent a stuck runoff.

I brew one each year (recipe is on my site, link below) with one 30-ounce can of pumkpin squishins in the mash. It would be a good idea to use rice hulls because the runoff can get slow or stuck. When you’re done with the runoff, the grains have an orange layer of dust all over them. Rice hulls are only to aid in runoff… no flavor, no fermentables, etc. I once ordered some and didn’t realize that they were so unbelievably light. I think I ordered 5 pounds of them and the bag was the size of a Buick! Cheers.

Thanks Ken and Denny. I didn’t realize that. Makes sense. So there is no need for them when doing an extract pumpkin, correct?

Not if you don’t mash the pumpkin.