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Why Partial Mash?

Looking to graduate to partial mash kits. What’s the advantage freshness of the grain when mashed?

What’s better real milk or powdered milk?

And many grains can’t be by just steeped. They need to be mashed to get the flavor and sugars from them.

Munich Malt. Dark Munich. Oats. Malted Oats. Flaked Wheat. Rye Malt. Aromatic Malt. Buscuit malt. Honey Malt. Amber Malt. Brown Malt.

These are all grains that shouldn’t be steeped, and don’t exist (or have only recently become available) in extract form.

Making an oatmeal stout and adding character malt to IPAs like Munich malt is the reason why i started doing Partial Mashes. Plus it teaches you about mashing before you are dealing with the weight and volumes associated with all grain.

I think the advantage of partial mash is more about achieving a taste/recipe that cannot be achieved via just using extract.

Kind of a stepping stone between extract and all grain.

Why not partial mash?

Thats how I always looked at it. I been out of the game for a few years, but tomorrow I am going to brew an IPA, I am going to do a few extracts to knock the cobb webs off thenn I am going to start the journey into all grain. However, I think I’ll try a few partil mashes to get my feet wet.

Go for it ! You can make some kick @ss IPA’S this way.

Or an opportunity for folks who don’t have the space to go full-scale on all grain to still do a mash, without having to cut back to three gallon batches in the process.

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