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Why not all DME?

Why do all of the recipes that I find for extract brewing use mostly LME? Everything that I make ends up looking like an Irish Red. Even my Belgian Wit. If I used all DME would I get a lighter colored beer? I know if I switched to all grain I would get a better product but I don’t have the room.

People find the clumping of DME when it gets moisture on it to be a pain?

Sorry, that’s the best I can come up with.

I think it’s because in the “bad old days” DME wasn’t as widely available. In the days of “a kit and a kilo”, you’d buy a kit with a 3.3 lb. can of prehopped LME with a packet of dry yeast taped to thie lid and add a kilo of sugar to it.

All you need for AG is a kettle and a couple of 5-gallon nylon paint-strainer bags. Do a search for “BIAB” (brew in a bag) or “MIAB” (mash in a bag) and you’ll find lots of good info on the method.

Have you tried adding some extract 15 min before the end of the boil?
That could aid in keeping your color on target. I’ve brewed a range of recipes some all extract and partial mash with a wide range of color… Most of the extract has been liquid.

Cost too. DME is more expensive, about 20% more.

Its also about 20% higher in ppg.

Which makes it essentially the same price as LME in regards to ppg.

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