Why is Clarity Ferm so expensive on NB?

Northern Brewer is my go-to brewing supplier and the site I (currently) recommend to friends that get interested in brewing, but with one caveat: sometimes the prices seem downright insulting.

Clarity Ferm from White labs, for example, is 67% more expensive on NB than elsewhere. Why?

I called the customer service number and explained that I would love to incude this item with my order (I buy 10 at a time) but that I couldn’t see my way to overpaying so much for it.

“Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that.”

Nice answer. Seriously?

http://www.williamsbrewing.com/CLARITY- ... Id=7030335

$2.99 at Williams Brewing Supply, $4.99 at NB. Makes me wonder what else I need to be on the lookout for getting ripped off on. All I want is a one-stop shop that I can TRUST. Why is that so hard?


I by know means know this to be certain, but I think it comes down to what price they pay to get it from white labs. I have also noticed that stores in CA (like William’s and MoreBeer) sell it for less. Maybe those stores get a discount? Or maybe they can sell it for less as it costs less to ship it to their stores. Just like any other product, some stores have different prices. And personally I look at the total cost including shipping, rather than 1 product.