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Why does this look different?

Me too. I thought there was a lot of good brewing discussion here this weekend. Many examples of good people continuing to build good community. A big thank-you needs to go out to @dmtaylo2 for fixing up a broken link in a still popular thread that was written a couple of years ago.

(Share your favorite Vienna Lager recipe - #11 by dmtaylo2)


Dont know really what this is about. But reason iam on this forum i do like the info. I get. Nothing more or less. But on the end its all about making money right. If nb did sell out to the mighty dollar. There was lots of cash involved. Indeed the comercial beer in the usa. Nothing special. Me from holland. Do like some beers. From there. But is it on the end you need to be happy. On what you have. Enough means you can do what you want in life and be happy. Greed does not bring nothing

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No, it’s the great commercials that made people think that’s what they wanted to drink. Anyone remember gablinger beer? Probably not Miller lite ? Miller lite had great commercials " great taste ,less filling" I even tried it. Of course I was already drinking real beer at the time so I wasnt impressed. I guess it’s different for young people when that’s all they know.

True… I’m going off of what I’ve read in “Ambitious Brew.” I should probably qualify a bit. Until the 50s or 60s, Americans liked lighter lagers. The big merged beer companies made the light lagers lighter and crappier and kept the trend going. I’m sure the beer made in the 50s probably tasted a lot more flavorful than the silver bullets of the 90s. I’m pretty happy I came of age in the time of microbrew. I totally skipped over the crap beer stage in my twenties.

You have to remember in the 50s and 60s you still had local breweries who actually tried to make good beer to best the competition. With the advent of cable TV in the 70s and the bombardment of advertising they could sell crappy beer with good advertising. Until cable a good part of the country got maybe one or two to channels.

No adays i do think. Most beer drinkers. Drink that light shit. Because they do not know the art thats infolved. In brewing beer. Here they do drink polar. For example. The taste just nothing to it. They got hooked by the comercials me started drinking around 12. Beer because i like it not comercial

Also, consider the effect that the world wars in the early 20th century had on beer gravity, particularly in England. A beer that may have been in the 1.050-060 range suddenly was dropping to 1.030, due to shortages in grain. Add to it the introduction of crystal malts, which could help boost the body of these weakened beers to make them seem similar to their previous versions. And just as prohibition was ending in the US, the world was spooling up for another great conflict. Only the larger breweries survived, shortages led to changing recipes, which led to changing taste in beer, and it’s no surprise we ended up where we were in the 80’s.

Thats true. some comercial. Brewers use less and less grains. And switch to grains and. Rice. Just to make cheaper light beer. And cash in with some comercial on tv or on the beer can or bottle. They dont care about quality beer. Just cash

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