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Why does this look different?


Aww I see what ya did there… clever. I’ve decided that I’m going to see where this goes before making any rash decisions.

I know I’m just poking fun.

Everyone’s entitled to sell their business for a profit I guess. Still kind of sad. I do most of my shopping locally so it really has no impact on me.

We lost a lot of great contributors to the forum a while back due to the platform change. I doubt this well help bring it back.


Ginormous company wisdom says: If you can’t beat’em, buy em!

What would do the world a favor is to help AB InBev become so profitable supporting good beer, that they no longer feel the need to make all that beer-flavored seltzer.

I wrote this sarcasticly, then thought… maybe…

Hey I have nothing against Chris selling to in Bev, congrats he built a great business, nothing wrong with that. I’m just going to support the next guy trying to get there

I’ll be taking my business elsewhere as well. I’m retired so I’ve been swilling the suds for a long time. The big brewers could have given us better beer if they had wanted to. But instead they sold us “Lite” beer and charged the same amount. They knew how to brew beer before prohibition. Was their memory that short. Europe gets it with lots of great styles. I have nothing but disdain for the biggies. Consumers vote with their dollars, which is what I’ll be doing. So long to NB and this forum.

Here is an excerpt that sent in a PM to another member:

The problem I have with this move is that AB-InBev has no place in the homebrewing world, only buying it like they have in other craft breweries as they lose market share, rather than changing their ways and adapating as any small business would have to (I’m NOT a business owner for the record).

I also look at it as NB sold out to the big dollar conglomerate rather than maintaining their grassroots backing in us homebrewers. We talk about the homebrewing community and how important it is to us, just like the craft brewery community, then this. It’s like NB stabbed us in the back, just like the craft breweries selling out to AB InBev.

I’m not anti AB. In fact, I buy some of their products as I camp a lot and usually don’t sit down and drink 12 DIPAs or 8%ABV beers. I also recognize that business owners need to do what’s best for their business/life. It’s just sad. It wreaks selling out for the almighty dollar. Sometimes I think people just get too big for their britches and don’t care who/what got them there.

As I mentioned in another post. I’m not going to jump to a rash decision. It will be unseen how much I hang out around here, if any. That makes me sad as I’ve come to really enjoy this place, and have stuck up for it many times, especially with the forum change. Why put time and effort into a company that doesn’t value me?


Not that I’m defending AB entirely, here, but the sad part about the BMC American Light Lager trend is that it’s what a lot of Americans wanted. Even pre-prohibition, the market was trending towards light fizzy lagers. Granted, the post-prohibition consolidation into huge national brewery brands made a sad market worse, but the American beer consumers kind of sucked for a long while.

I thought it was weird… I mean, NB was already arguably the biggest homebrew outfit in the market. What’s the point in going even bigger, especially in what I assume is a sliver of the whole beer world market share. (I obviously am not a business owner either). You’d think being the biggest already is enough. I have no idea how big beer money is going to change the marketplace. I think my biggest fear is the unknown consequences. Plenty of “What are they after” sideways glances.

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Has anyone that is looking to shop else where add up there receipts to see how much money they have spent with NB?

What’s the punchline, exactly?

Look at the top, left of the zombie dirt insignia.

I get that–I see the change. I’m new to the forums/community so I don’t get what this is all about.

I don’t judge. I get the whole grass roots, homebrew community attitude but honestly if someone puts a check in front of you with a bunch zeroes left of the decimal poin…that’s set for the rest of your life, kids to the best schools, etc, kind of money. You have to think of what it can mean for your family. IMO they’d have been crazy not to do it.

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With as big as NB is I’m sure they’re making major bank. I would be willing to bet they already have the funds available to send their kids to the best schools, etc. plus, its not going to my account so damnit! :confounded:

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Read this

I’m having a rough week. Stone had some layoffs, the NB news, and today, found out my local bottle shop is going out of business. Ugh. All bad news. I really freaking like this forum. It has been just the right size, really respectful, and a nice place to hang out. Even if I did want to switch forums, I don’t know where I’d go. Bad news happens in threes, right? I can’t handle any more right now.

Yeah, we’re being tested as of now. I don’t, won’t care fer big. I have to find the word used in Sweeden that means when you have enough that you are content and don’t need more… Maybe RBC would weigh in. More of a mind set that is building of community. Ubes, don’t over do it,RDWHAHB. Yes, I can git me shorts tangled up when a change blind sides me. Just brew on my friends in brewing. Sneezles61

I just pitched wy1214 into some fresh apple cider…both purchased locally :grinning:

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