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Why did my wyeasts 1010 clear so well

Brewed an American hefe using what should be a low floc yeast. 1.050 og, 64 degrees primary for 2 weeks racked to secondary and cleared very bright in 3 days. Tastes great, attenuated well, so no complaints. But why so clear? It’s suppost to be a low floculator.

Well the first issue is you did a secondary. It is becoming generally accepted that a secondary is not necessary unless you’re doing loooong storage. But I’ve left a lager on the yeast cake for 6 months with no mythical autolysis off-flavor.

Second, you left it for 5 weeks. Wheat beers are meant to be enjoyed young. My Honey Orange Wheat goes grain to glass in 10-12 days and it’s amazing.

Next time: no secondary and only give it 2 weeks max in primary.

I like this yeast for its clean crisp dry flavor. I am considering it’s use in ipa’s . Do any of you have an opinion or experience using it in non wheat ales?

I understand it works good in an alt.

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