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Why did it take me so long to discover the awesomeness

In MY Rye IPA recipe? Don’t you dare! :wink:

In MY Rye IPA recipe? Don’t you dare! :wink: [/quote]hahaha!! now I want to just because you said not to!

I love citra but have never made a beer with it. Done quite a few with Simcoe and really enjoyed it.
Finally, I decided to try the Breakwater Pale Ale but it only has 1/2 oz of Citra dry hopped. But, I have 5 ozs that are going to get used as soon as I figure out what I want to do with it.

[quote=“Edward Teach”]was planning on Magnum for bittering & Citra for aroma & dry hop in an IPA & an APA.[/quote]Brewed an IPA yesterday, 6oz Magnum for bittering, then 3oz each Centennial, Amarillo, Columbus, and Citra for a whirlpool addition only (12-gal batch). Wort tasted and smelled really good.

I don’t know that I like “all citra” beers, but I sure do like a couple ounces of it as a late addition/ dry hop. My house american pale ale is a centennial/cascade/citra hop schedule. It does not last long once it is kegged.

That sounds fantastic! Love all 3 of those hops. I don’t use Centennial enough. I’ll have to pick up a lb this year. I have an IPA dry hopping right now. Nugget, Cascade, Citra. Can’t wait to keg it this weekend.

I was redonkulously impatient & popped one of my Citra APA’s tonight. only 2 days in the bottle. frizackin’ awesome!

Citra is awesome. It goes with everything. It’s number one on my list for the 12 harvest, along with Amarillo. I figure at least 5 lbs of each. I did a Citra/Amarillo/Galaxy APA (100% Vienna malt) that was as tasty as any beer I’ve had. I have some more Southern Hemisphere hops on the way - can’t wait to try it with Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade and Moteuka. I like the fact that it isn’t pure citrus like most fruity American hops.

I take it all back. Denny’s right - Citra is just too fruity. Or it tastes like cat pee. Who wants something like that in a beer? I heard it’s poisonous. I wouldn’t chance it.

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