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Why did it take me so long to discover the awesomeness

that is CITRA?!?

Finally did a brew with citra. Did an american wheat with tettnang and citra. Not a big fan of the style usually, but boy or boy do I love everything about the citra hop.

Didn’t really think I would get a mango & papaya flavor from a hop. But that description is just spot on. The aroma is terrific.

I will be buying citra in bulk this harvest season for sure.

it seems like Citra, like Simcoe, is one of those hops that might be really sensitive to soil conditions, weather, time of harvesting, etc. that makes for some variability across different packages of the same varietal.

I would also submit that different palettes can perceive them VERY differently, which would explain why some people perceive them as nothing but cat pee. I, for one, am NOT in the cat pee camp, and agree that they rock. I did a split SMaSH APA batch a few years back, one with citra, one with amarillo. Both were great.

Just last month I did a Citra Hyrbid Ale with nothing but 2-row and a tad or honey malt. Turned out awesome and was the first time I used citra. The boil with a ton of late additions just smelled wonderful.

I anticipate I’ll be in the same boat in about 4 weeks. I’ll be bottling my first batch brewed and dry hopped with Citra. 100% Citra. Also an American wheat. On brew day, those hops smelled like they had magical powers.

they really do.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care for Citra. Too fruity for my tastes.

I could see how they couldn’t be for everyone. And only when used in the right style.

And yes they are extremely fruity.

That’s a pretty fair point. They can really be dominating with their fruitiness. When I did my Citra only beer it was almost too much but I think if I use them again they could be good as a complimentary hop. Anyone have any good recommendations on what to pair them with.

I think they would work with nugget, centennial, or amarillo.

[quote=“muddywater_grant”]I think they would work with nugget, centennial, or amarillo.[/quote]+1 And they play well with Columbus, Simcoe, and Chinook - the fruitiness works with the pine.

when I was at Beer camp, we used an experimental hop that went by X366. I brought home a couple lb. and have brewing with them. They have the tropical fruit of Citra (at a slightly lower level) but they also have some of the dankness of Columbus. That kinda mellows out the fruitiness. I heard they were going to be given a name and commercially available after this year’s harvest, but that’s all I know.

I brewed a Citra Saison that I am enjoying at the moment. I also used citra in Mueller’s Red Chair Recipe that turned out nice.

Big fan of Citra, personally I get a big Lemon flavor. My only complaint about them is that you have to drink the beer fresh and fast as the flavor and aroma fade extremely fast with that dang hop.

[quote=“sqhead”]I brewed a Citra Saison that I am enjoying at the moment. I also used citra in Muller’s Red Chair Recipe that turned out nice.[/quote]I have the Red Chair on tap now with citra and simcoe and I love it. It is too floral for some people here but most think it is stellar. I also like it as a dry hop in Black IPA.

What about in the Rye IPA? Anyone try it?

Yes I make it all the time in 22 gallon batches. I have it on tap now. A household favorite.

You do know its threads like this that lead to hop shortages.

Love me some Citra! Got a Cascade/Citra IPA I’m about to dry hop this weekend. Will DEFINITELY be purchasing a lb this fall. Gotta get it quick. They sell out fast!

I’ve finally picked up some Citra as well. was planning on Magnum for bittering & Citra for aroma & dry hop in an IPA & an APA.

Citra taste and smell like dog poo. worst hops ever. don’t buy them they suck.

Hopefully that will help.

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