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Why are my starters overflowing?

In the morning, the day after I have made the starter, there is a bunch of overflow on the counter from the flask. This is the second time this has happened. I am a little saddened by the small amount of yeast I have lost. It still fermented like a champ last time I pitched it, but it is kind of a pain and I do worry about contamination.

Use a bigger starter vessel. I use a gal. glass jug.

I am using a 1000 ml flask, but it is not doing the job I guess

1000ml is pretty much worthless, sorry to say. It’s even possible to do more than than good by making a starter that small.

Well, thanks for the boost of confidence there Denny. :wink: This will be the last starter with the 1000 ml. How about a 2000 ml flask, but I use it to make a 1000 ml starter? Am I better off making 2000 ml starters? I am using it for 5 gallon extract batches.

Maybe…kinda depends on the OG. Why not just give up on the flasks and use a gal. jug? Much cheaper, more volume, works great.

The 1L flasks were more popular when the yeast packs sold were a smaller size.

You could get even bigger “pyrex” flasks but the advantage of boiling them right on the stove has bit me me twice. They ended up breaking after so many
heating and coolings.

Now I just boil and cool in a pot and then add to something like DC suggests, a 1 gal. jug.

try to use bigger vessel because it’s needed for cooking big batch.

An ale with OG of 1.045 - 1.055 would need a starter of 1.75 - 2.5 liters or thereabouts. A similar strength lager would need about twice as big a starter, which means a one gallon jug wouldn’t be big enough. Visit to get a better idea of how big a starter you should make for a given beer.

And remember, use a vessel that is at least 50% larger than the starter volume to avoid making a mess with overflow.

I have a 1 gallon jug and 2.5 gallons vase (cheap from Walmart). The stir bar works fine in both and with the giant vase, I can do large 4-5L starters for lagers.

Can you post a picture of the vase?
i have a 2000ml flask but sometimes wish it was bigger. I have a 1 gal carboy but the stir bar/plate doesn’t work on it

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