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Why a month in secondary: Saison

I’ve got an NB Saison extract/special grain kit in secondary and per the directions it’s to stay in 2nd for 4 weeks, the OG being 1.056. I’ve seen other recipes upwards and downwards of this OG and am wondering why a month rather than a couple weeks in 2nd? Type of yeast? Other?

More than anything, tradition. Saisons traditionally were aged for a period before drinking.

Practically speaking though, the yeast strain a)needs a while to finish and b)is relatively slow to flocculate out.

Personally I would just leave it in primary for a month and then bottle/keg. If that kit uses the Dupont strain be prepared to have a way to keep it warm.

Warm is not a problem in SFL . Think I’m gonna let gravity judge bottling day.

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