Why 60 mins if no bittering hops?

I have an extract recipe I like a lot that has no bittering hops - the first hops addition is at 15 mins. Is there any reason to do 45 mins of boiling of the extract before those first hops? Is the boil doing anything to the extract malt and steeped grains - or can I cut some time off my brewday by boiling shorter?


There’s no major advantage to boiling longer if you’re not adding hops early. Just do a 15 or 20 minute boil and call it good. Save some time.


Thanks. That’s awesome.

The only thing I would say though is if you are NOT doing a partial boil and topping up at the end, this will have an effect on the overall volume that goes into the fermenter. Because you need to take into account boil-off and this in turn has an effect on your target gravity.

But if you are doing a partial boil, and topping up to 5 gallons then completely ignore me :mrgreen:

Just curious. What recipe?

It’s a black IPA - very simple, not heavy, but turns out well. I do full boil, so if I cut down the boil time I will cut down the water too and have to refigure the gravity calcs.

An IPA with no bittering hops? Can that be? Is the extract hopped already? I thought bittering hops were a main feature of an IPA?

It’s called hopbursting, and it works very well. I’ve done it. Add a slew of hops at 15 minutes, and they’ll give you all the IBUs you need. You can also pick up a few IBUs from flameout and whirlpool additions if you don’t chill right away, and preserve more aroma.

I’ve never tried hopbursting on an IPA (I make so few of those), but have been happy with the results on APA, especially when combined with a hopstand.