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Whose doing ofest

Let’s hear about everyones party this year. After all it’s what we brew (live) for

I’ve 2-5-ers of O- fest cask conditioning… There are 2 others with a 5-er going on too! We will have our fest on Sept. 23… One of the guys IS 100% German… and plays accordion… I will play guitar… It should just be a fun day without hassles! Sneezles61


This year I’ll have on tap 10gal ofest, 10gal Munich Helles, and 10gal cream ale. Plus from the back keezer you’ll be able to grab a DIPA or the Gose I finished today.

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My Homebrew club is sponsoring an Oktoberfest in September that we are inviting several other HB clubs. It’s also a part of a grassfield ‘fly-in’ BBQ, so we expect pilots, families and plenty of homebrewers. We’ll have an informal competition to pick the best 6 brews for an upcoming event where we’ll donate 6 kegs to a local charity for their charity event.
First time for this whole thing, so a little anxiety, but it should be a blast.


Do you have specific dates for this party?

Happened this past weekend, Saturday 9/23

That time of year again. Opening ceremonies in Munich tomorrow. A few of the breweries around here are having tomorrow. My party will be smaller this year. Two new granddaughters this year one born just yesterday. To much going on to really prep this year so I’m only having a small one tomorrow. By the way the Ofest got tapped last week and it is extremely tasty.

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I got behind on my planning… I will have mine, like Oct. 6… This will be good entertainment whilst brewing tomorrow! Listening to German speaking MC’s talk about the gathering on the internet! Sneezles61

I too got behind so can’t have my ofest party until Oct 20! I try to time it with football schedules as well hence the late date. 10gals Ofest, 10gal Munich helles, 10gal dunkelweizen, 10gal IPA, will also try to get 10gal of something else.

I did see Sierra Nevada’s collab with Weihenstephan. Anyone try it yet?

Yes…it was good.

50 gallons that a big party. How many people will that feed.

I brew my Marzen in December and lager it through the winter. Call it “Decemberfest”.
I do try and lay aside a couple different commercial versions this time of year- Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, who ever else looks interesting.
Oh, just saw my post from last year. The O’Fest/Flyin for this year is 9/29.

On average we have about 100 people stop by through the day/night. Plus I think I may drink 5gals by myself :confounded:

If I have some left I’ll deal with it!

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