Who's that brewer?

most of us have been on here quite a while. I think it’s about time to introduce ourselves.

my name’s Andrew. I started brewing in '99 in Las Vegas. my favorite styles to brew are most Belgians & Barley Wines.

I’m in favor of this being a sticky if the mods are good with it. :smiley:

my name is Grant. From Charleston. This will be my second year of brewing. I did six extract batches than jumped into all grain. Four away from hitting my 50th batch.

Started because my girlfriend said I was annoying her after college football was over. Now I annoy her even more over brewing.

Favorites styles to brew: Amber Ale, Pale Ales, IPA, & Brown Ales

Oh, and I love this f’n hobby.

The name is Adam. Im 21. Im from Sacramento CA.

Been brewing since I was 18 with my dad. I fell more in love with it than he did.

My name is Chuck I’ve been brewing for about 12 years I’m also 71 years old and retired so I have plenty of time to brew.

One year I brewed 54 times and had 12 on tap all the time now I keep 4 or 5 most of which are 2.5 or 3 gallon batches.

Just took a first place out of 28 entries in that category in Racine, WI with my Vanilla Oatmeal Stout now one brew pub and one brewery are brewing it, Oh I do make 5 gallons of that one.

My name is Lew.

I have only been brewing since March, so I don’t have a favorite style yet. Too many choices!

Good idea.

I’m Tim. 37. Live in a suburb of Kansas City–on the KS side. I work in IT. My friends had been trying to convince me to start brewing for a couple years. Finally gave it a go last November after my wife bought me a NB starter kit for my B-day…so I’m closing in on one year.

Just brewed batch 17 a couple weekends ago. One extract batch. Two mini-mash batches. 14 AG batches. All ales so far. Mostly <6%ABV so I can enjoy in quantity if I want.

Picking my favorite style is like picking my favorite song. I like so many. My tastes tend to cycle with the seasons too.

Bryan here. Started brewing in the early '70s and I’m partial to UK ales and German lagers. :cheers:

My name is Kevin (51yrs old) have been brewing for about a year. Have made some mistakes and some good beer. Trying to find my favorite to keep on tap.

My name is Steven (31 years old) I live in south Alabama. I’ve been homebrewing for close to a year. I’ve brewed 7 extract batches so far. I’m pretty close to taking the leap into all grain. If all goes well I will be doing my first all grain brew in December. Everyone around here usually keeps homebrewing under the radar so everything I’ve learned has been from John Palmer and you guys on this very helpful forum. Thanks.

Favorite styles as of now are IPA & Brown Ales

Ed here. I’ve been brewing for about 20 years and love cream ales, pale ales and IPAs. Now is the start of my brewing season which runs until May. I brew & keg enough beer by late spring to get through the summer just drinking.

Dmitri here. 26 years old in a couple weeks. This is my fourth year brewing, probably around 100 batches. I enjoy playing with yeasts and isolating new strains.
Favorite styles include Saisons, Dubbels, Tripels, IPAs, Altbiers and Porters.

My name is Steve, and live in Southern MO.
I been making wine/cider/mead for 20 yrs and brewing for over 10 yrs.
Favorite styles of beer would be PA, Porter, and RIS.

Hi all, I’m Mike Bures and I’m in my 2nd year with this awesome craft. I’ve been into culinary for most of my adult life and have found that brewing is a perfect compliment to my okay talents.

Favorite styles: bitters, APA’s & IPA’s

When I’m not brewing, I’m cycling, scuba diving, boating, cooking and being with my two favorite people in the world: my wife Karen and 8 y/o son Sean.

I’m Ron, from White Bear Lake, MN. Been brewing for about 3 years.
Favorites styles IPA-APA-ALt, and whatever is next. Working on developing a house IPA and APA.
Planning batch #59 for November 3 as a "Learn to Homebrew Day with my brothers-in-law.

My names Craig and I’m an alc…oh wait, wrong meeting.

I’m Craig, 34 or so, been brewing 3.5 years in Key Largo. I brew a range of beers to keep my 6 taps flowing and diverse. I like long walks on the beach and candle light dinners.


Randy here, 46 years old, live in Anoka, MN
just started actually this month, just brewed my 3rd batch last night
no favorites yet, as nothing is even ready to drink
my favorite all time beer is Samishclaus (when I can find it)

nice to meet you all

My name is Scott. I’m 32 years old. I live in Gaylord (yes that is the real name) MI I have lived here all my life I work for a gas and oil supply company. Im married have 3 children one is in high school (yicks) Ive been brewing for just over 4 years now and I brew 3-6 batches a month to TRY to keep my 6 tap kegerator full. My favorite style right now would be session beers anything I can drink the hell out of.

Jon here. Early to mid 40’s and I’ve been brewing close to 10 years right here in NE Iowa.

Just passed 190+ batches since I started keeping track. 8) When I made the switch to AG.

First few years I used kits and extract.

Favorite beers? The one’s I MAKE!!! Oh yeah, HOPS!!! :slight_smile:

LOVE this “hobby”!!!

I’m Jesse, I’m 29 and have been brewing for around 4 years. I’ve changed my brewing style a few times over the years. I started with extract, then transitioned to partial mash, then all grain. That was all within 6 months. Brewed 5 gallon batches for a while, then switched to 3.5 gallons, then 4 gallons, now 3 gallon brew in a bag. I guess my first couple all grain batches were 3 gallon batches…

My favorite styles are black IPA, IPA, Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Coffee Stout, Helles, Dunkel.

I love black metal and thrash metal, play drums (in a couple metal bands), ride bikes, drink lots of beer, and hang out with my girlfriend. I also enjoy Family Guy, Futurama, Archer, South Park, Louie CK, and Bill Hicks (greatest comedian ever!).

Also, I ride a bike for transportation and do not own a car, I always put the seat down after going to the bathroom, and I sleep mainly on my right side.

Cheers & beers!

I am Alan and live in Maryland. Lived close in to DC until March when we moved to Maryland’s eastern shore. I went from having a 1 mile commute for the past 20+ years to over 50 miles each way, but it is worth it. First step in slowing down from a life as a workaholic.

I am early 50’s and just discovered real beer about 4 or 5 years ago. I drank Coors Light, only on weekends for years. Weekends were boating or football but pretty much did not drink that much at other time. Discovered DogFish Head 60 minute and it changed my life. So the last 4 years had been beer discovery, much of which I have brewed styles before I even knew what they tasted like. An interesting way to go for sure, but I have learned a lot. Started brewing Super Bowl Sunday 2011 with Midwest extract kits and then some high quality extract kits from Annapolis Home Brew, but they were pricey and they were very secretive about their recipes, so that got old. Found NB and started buying their kits and also found this forum. Proceeded to do about 30 batches my first year and switched to all grain about a year ago. Took a break during the move in March and and back in full swing for the last 4-5 months.

New house has plenty of land, so I now grow hops and got some yield my first year on 3 of my 6 varieties.

Love the hobby