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Whole Hops in Keg?

I know I’ve seen it posted but wanted to make sure. I tried using the search engine but everything and it’s mother came up as a hit.

Anyway, I made a beer that was low on hop aroma and flavor for friends, but as I’m about to keg it up I decided it’s my beer, who cares what they want ha! I’m thinking of dropping an ounce of recently picked and dried Cascade into a grain bag, adding some sterilized glass marbles and throwing it in the keg as I force carbonate.

Is this going to be an issue? Will the bag get sucked onto the dip tube?

You should have no issues with your plan.

Another option is to use pantyhose.


I’m returning to this post to ask a question. Should I pull the bag of whole cascade hops from the keg? I put the oz of hops into the sanitized bag with some sanitized marbles and now I’ve got this green leafy vegetable taste to the beer. Will that go away over time or should I remove the bag from the kegs?\

I didn’t follow advice I’ve seen elsewhere about hooking some dental floss to the bag etc, so I’d have to sanitize a coat hanger or something to fish it out. The beer would be fantastic without the ‘green’ taste. The hops did impart some flavor and hop aroma that I was looking for, just didn’t think I’d get the "I just threw some vegetables in there’ taste as well ha…

Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


You will probably want to pull out the hops. It will dissipate after that, but the longer it is in there the more green taste you will get as more oils are being extracted the more it is in there.

Thanks, will do.

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