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Who uses a bench capper

I don’t bottle that much but when I do it’s a job that my wife helps. I fill she caps. We use a wing type and it works fine she’s has never complained. I personally don’t have the touch, I think I press to hard. Anyway I think I want to upgrade to a floor model because I need to bottle more. I would love to hear all your input.

I love my bench capper. I bottle and keg so I use mine a lot. It’s so much easier and caps perfect every time. Another thing I love is I bottle some of my belgians and sour, wine and Mead and cork them with my bench capper

What brand do you use ? Planning on getting one and looking for reviews.

The champagne floor corker is a bit spendy, but it’s well worth it and you can get a 26 and 29mm bell adapter for it. It can put a closure in any type of bottle you may have. Highly recommended.

I’ve used the same Super Agata for about 10 years. Had to replace the bell recently after using crown caps on champagne bottles. The lip on the champagne bottles was to large and deformed the bell. Replacement bells are available in 26 mm and 29 mm sizes. Previous to this used an adjustable cast iron bench capper that was used to cap soda bottles during the prohibition period.

Never used a wing capper but can imagine how awkward and tedious they are to use.

The newer model Super Agata is easier to adjust for different bottle heights.

I was looking at that one or the colt

The Colt may be the cheaper and much lower quality version of the Super Agata.

Price wise it’s a bit more expensive but that could be because it’s made in Italy.

I started out using a wing capper then found a bench capper in a thrift store…I have never used the wing capper since…You wont either once you try it!!! Cheers

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