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Who says beer isnt good for you!

Thought everyone might enjoy this Beer And Food Pairing t

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Maybe better yet, check out…. how beer saved the world. That explains why we is as we is! :sunglasses:Sneezles61

My wife po pood the article since it didn’t reference who wrote it. Party pooper. Dr said my uric acid levels are high. My wife an APRN told me its the yeast in all the beer I drink. I confirmed that with more research. Now high levels of uric acid can cause kidney stones and gout which is not what the article says. Hmm. May have to start filtering or find some way to remove the yeast

Failing to cite a source does not invalidate the information.
OK, so it’s not a good sign, but it only means the info is unsupported, not incorrect.

That’s what I said. It may or may not all be true. It worked for me.

I have had gout for years. The only thing I could ever pin down flare ups to was some kind of spice. Sounds like BS but I would get it after eating Asian food or chili with unusual spice for heat. I could drink zero beers or lots of them and get a flare up. My Dr. prescribed Allopurinol a long time ago and I almost never get any flare ups. The stuff is so cheap it sometimes costs less than my co-pay. Better living through chemistry!

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