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Who makes a cream ale?

Went to LHBS and purchased the grain for my next brew, a cream ale, Throwback Cream Ale v 2. Very simple just 6 row and flaked corn. The only real uncertainty was which yeast to try…Wasn’t sold on US-05 for this, although I had slurry. Also had Denny’s Favorite 50(Wyeast 1450) slurry and decided to go with that. Two previous versions used saflager S-23. After using that yeast for a few beers, pre-pro lager and cream ales prior, I wanted to try something else(I had good luck with S-23 until the last batch which had the dreaded @Denny Conn “Bartles and James Wine cooler” ester thing going on :cry: )
Anybody make one of these?

I make one that is 30% corn, and equal parts six-row & two-row. I think I used White Labs 007 on mine last year, and it actually took home a medal in the pre-pro lager category.

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A pre pro and cream ale are two different beers no ?

Good question, they are very similar, especially since I use six row, in this case, for both… Maybe a slightly different pool of yeasts to choose from(likely with a lot of overlap), and more “heirloom” hop choices for Pre pro; cluster, etc.

Edit: a Pre Pro is truly fermented as a lager and lagered from the get-go, whereas the cream ale gets cold conditioned after a generally warmer fermentation.

As @voodoo_donut pointed out, they are very similar. I just checked my recipe, and I used cluster hops bittered to about 31 IBU. I entered it in both categories, but it did better as a pre-pro lager.

Think this will be the season I get some 6-row and cluster and do a pre pro. It’s always been on my radar but never brewed one . I’ll put it in the rotation


I wonder how really specific yeast strains where addressed way back then… I would venture out on a thick limb here… tree limb please… Getting close to if not just after WW2 did the scientific community really take off with really separating yeast’… The lagering method … oh yes definitely… Sneezles61

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2nd episode of Brew Files

Listened to the podcast while brewing. Being from NY drank alot of Genny. Haven’t had any in awhile though. But now I’m even more confused. Is Genny considered a pre pro ? I may use the recipe Drew put up but use a lager yeast. So is it now a steam/cal-common

I don’t think it’s considered a pre pro…not hoppy enough for one thing

Yeah well I definitely would hop up the recipe not sure what makes a pre pro a pre pro. I’ll have to do some research. Although I drank plenty of Genny I was more into molsen export back then

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I spent a year in Utica NY… 1992… I never went to their brewery, but it seemed to me, Brew Cat, is that what you call Genny? I’m rattling my brains over that… Was it, Gennissee Club? Sneezles61

Well we would mostly get Genny cream ale but they did make Genny beer we called them all Genny. We might say get some Genny cream ale but once it was in the cooler it was hand me a Genny. Genny beer is a lager. Who knows maybe the same recipe the cream ale is a tad stronger. Back then I didn’t know the difference between a lager or ale I just assumed an ale was stronger because of the taste and the effect

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There actually was a Utica Club beer also, different brewer. Rochester still has Genesee, although I believe its owned by some consortium south of the border.

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“It’s hard to argue over a UticaClub.” That was their jingle as I recall.

Its good to know some of you all (:relaxed:) can find, keep track of this stuff. I drank plenty taps from Ziggy’s in Utica! I wonder if that little mom and Pop’s bar is still open… I apologize for digressing… I’m not sure if they got the water from the Mohawk River or the Erie Canal. :confounded: They didn’t look good at all! Sneezles61

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