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Who is Winning Sunday?

I know this is not beer related but… Who do you think is winning Sunday. I think it’s gonna be the Pats and the Giants. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing the Niners pull it off against the Giants.

I hear ya…a bit nervous about the prospect of the Pats having to face Eli Manning again in the big game, after what happened the last time that happened

Oh god, you mentioned it! I refuse to acknowledge that season. 18 and what…makes me sick. But yest Giants are really hot at the moment and i don’t want to play them.

Pats and i am pulling for the 49ers. 49ers and the Giants both have a great D, so this should be a good game.

Like everyone, Pats for sure. Giants are peaking at the perfect time. Theres some stats that favor both, but I think the edge would go to the G men. I have a young hip nephew who has been talking big about the 9’ers all season long and I liked the enthusiasm I seen during their last game, so I’m picking San Fran. Also, from a business standpoint you’d want to spread it out and make it an East Coast / West Coast thing. New England and New York are too close. You need to involve the whole country which means more people which equals more money.

Eli is a great great quarterback. I hear Peyton is retiring, true? I’ve lived thru Favre . . .

Did anyone else catch this? The previous weekend’s playoff games: I have to look and confirm which game, I have it recorded. Anyways, they were getting ready to punt and the announcer said “And they’re gonna go for it.” They were all lined up in punt formation, both teams. Then the other team called time out and it went to commercial. When it came back, the other announcer was like “…might not have been a good thing. It gave them time to think about it and now they’re gonna go for it on 4th and …” and note that I’m paraphrasing. How’d they know? Everyone was lined up like they were gonna punt. ?? This is what got me thinking about the spreading it out theory.

I like Giants vs Pats. With the same outcome as their last Superbowl meeting of course !

I think the Ravens might suprise the Pats…

I’m a Redskins fan so I’m just waiting til next year… :frowning:

I don’t mind watching losing teams finally become something, but with shanahan as their coach the redskins can lose forever for all I care. That guy is a jerk, just quieter than rex ryan.

[quote=“SolomonsCommune”]I think the Ravens might suprise the Pats…

I’m a Redskins fan so I’m just waiting til next year… :frowning: [/quote]
this might be the year the Skins bull rush the field, knock everyone down, and take it in for the win. both the other teams will be real confused.

Supposed to be raining in SF and that may put a damper on the Giants offense moreso than the 9ers.
And I know the Ravens are not the Broncos but goddam what a game the Pats had last week.

Giants 17 - 49ers 20
Ravens 24 - Patriots 31

Since I don’t have a horse in the race, I’m looking forward to a few good games this weekend. I’d like to see 49ers vs ravens in the superbowl because I’m a fan of good defense, but if I had to put money on it, I’d bet on the pats and gmen.

I think the Giants have peaked already! SF has been overlooked all season because they are SF. Patriots are going to have a tough time with Baltimore’s D, but I think the Pats are gonna be crisp. I’m calling Patriots/9’ers in the superbowl. I realize us pats fans don’t have the same confidence we used to, but count on great things tomorrow!

That’s because we used to have a defense.

I’m thinking battle of the “NEWs”: Jersey vs England, for the super bowl.

both are looking much stronger than their opponents…

I assume you’re talking about football? Who cares? :twisted:

Beer and football go together like beer and pizza, hence this is a very important topic as we nurture our home brewer spirits.

I’m sure for a lot of people that’s true, but not in this house…

I’m sure for a lot of people that’s true, but not in this house…[/quote]

Denny has a point, I think :wink: . It’s true that beer and pizza go together, but that’s because they are both food Gods. However, football is closer to being a child of a lesser god…except of course on friday nights in texas.



phew, thank god sports and beer are both similar as each one is per ones taste.

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