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Who is good at math?

If I added a gallon of water with a pound of table sugar to a fermenter with 4 gallons and a gravity of 1.045, what would I get?

anyone? I suck at this part.


That works, still 1.045.

I seem to remember reading that table sugar has a SG of 1.046 per pound per gallon. So if you add 1 gallon of 1.046 liquid to 4 gallons of 1.045 liquid you then end up with 5 gallons of 1.045 SG liquid. Math seems to work.

Yup…what geerboggles and John say ^^^.

for you beer book and future reference to calculate yourself, it’s easy if you just use the whole numbers of your gravity readings. Assuming the sugar is 1.046, then solve for the new SG = X

(4 x 45) + (1 x 46) = (5 x X)

180 + 46 = 5X

226/5 = X

45.2 = X

new SG = 1.0452.


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