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Who filters?

I have been brewing for about a year, and I do not have anything set up to filter after fermentation before putting into the serving keg.

I am currently drinking an amber IPA that I made some time ago. It sat in the primary for about 2.5 weeks and then in a secondary for about 1.5 weeks before racking to the keg. There were some dry hops added into the primary before moving to the secondary, so I’m not sure if that has contributed to the haze or not.

It looks like apple cider almost. It tastes great, which is the important thing.

Anyway…so who filters and which method do you use?

I use gelatin. Just boil and cool a cup of water add the unflavored gelatin let sit for 15 min then microwave for 1 min. add to the keg when cold and after a few days your beer will be pretty clear after 2 weeks your beer will look as clear or more clear then some commercial beer.

I agree with gd, but I do admit that I filter some of my lagers because I want them crystal clear just as your commercial versions. I have this … g-kit.html . You need 2 kegs per batch.

Edited because autocorrect changed gd to God and I don’t want him to get a big head. :lol:

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