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Who else had a Brew-Tastic weekend?

Kegged the California Common, and the Phat Tyre yesterday. Bottled the Dry Irish Stout, Bock, and the T-Can & Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown today. I’ve done more dishes and used more sanitizer these past couple days than I care to. Now getting ready for some of SWMBO’s chicken tortilla soup paired with a nice mug of Speckled Heifer (already on tap). Later will hook up the forced carb’d kegs (no disparaging comments that will ruin my euphoria please… :wink: ) and SWMBO and I will have a nice little brew house sampling this evening.

So, How was your brew-tacular weekend?


Brewed my second batch this weekend! Caribou Slobber exract kit.

It was a hell of a lot easier than my first batch. Learning that you don’t have to rack from the brew kettle into the primary made my life a lot easier.

good…kegged two beers:

  1. golden ticket; my take on the patersbier 3787

  2. gol’ garnet; another belgian 3711

and brewed my fawlty ale, using 1469

Tomorrow and Wednesday are my weekend and I have Oktoberfest for tomorrow and maybe Dawson’s Multi grain red or Caribou Slobber for Wednesday.

Brewed 2 batches this weekend…NB’s Honey Nut Brown Ale…and an Oberon clone receipe…and I used my new wort chiller for the first time…I’d call it a Brew-Tastic weekend indeed!

Today was a special brew day for me - I brewed my first barleywine- Batch #77. I’m hoping to keep some around for when my boys turn 21 (in about 17-18 years).

The cool part was that today was my dad’s birthday. He bought me a pound of magnum pellets for my birthday during the hop shortage of 2009, and today I finally used the last of them. Believe it or not, that pound of pellets made its way into 22 different batches of beer!

My dad died that summer, so today was extra special - my first barleywine with the last of those hops. I definitely felt that my dad was there in spirit. This wasn’t planned - just a cool coincidence.


Sunday was my first brew in about 9 months. I brewed something similar to NBs Irish Blonde kit. Everything went very smooth, which kind of suprised me since I had not brewed in so long. Now to get back in the habit of a couple brews a month at a minimum.

Mine will be this weekend :slight_smile: Ordered my kit and wort chiller yesterday !!

3 more batches Bavarian Hefe, American wheat (neighbor got those, i sucked him right into the hobby) and the Sierra Madre … Ill bottle the Mocktoberfest sometime too…

El capitan with all due respect thats a awesome story !!!

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