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Whitelabs Ultraferm question?

Hello I am looking into brewing a Blut IPA an it call for adding this stuff call Whitelabs Ultraferm I never Heard of it before or use it. So how does one go about adding it to there beer?

Just very basic information to use it at mash in. Very low mash temperature of 140°F for use.

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As I understand it for a Brut IPA since you want it very dry. it needs to ferment out as much as possible. A very low FG. This stuff helps do that. The mash temp 140° is about the lowest you can go. In non scientific terms you add Ultraferm to the mash to convert as much starch as possible to sugar. Or “ULTRA-FERM amyloglucosidase permits total hydrolysis of dextrins to fermentable glucose, from all types of starch.”

It also calls for a mash out at 185°F Pretty high in my book. I’m not sure why this would be or why you would want to even do a mash out to stop conversion.

I’d be very concerned about that high a mash out temp… If your pH was not checked, you’ll extract some harsh flavors… To the point, why not just use table sugar? You can really dry a brew with that alone… And its relatively cheap… I suppose there will always be a better mouse trap out there… Sneezles61

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