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White Zinfandel

Hello. I am making a Winexpert vintners reserve white Zinfandel kit. The directions state that after 5-7 days rack to carboy if SG is 1.010 or below. Then is says wait 10 days and SG should be .996 or below. After my primary fermentation of 6 days the SG was at .996. My question is do I still have to wait 10 days or can I go right to step 3 so stabilizing and clearing? Thanks!


Sounds like the fermentation happened faster than expected, I would guess because the temperature was on the high side. Basic advice for wine is if you are unsure, give it more time. It almost never hurts to keep that in mind, but rushing things is often a mistake.

This is generally very good advice.

In your case, I could make an exception. If you know you have hit final gravity (maybe take a second reading just to make sure): and the wine has cleared out completely, you could easily start to degass and stabilize it after 11-12 days from start.

On the other hand, there is no rush to do so.

Thank you! I will take another reading and move on if all is good!

I must not have been thinking clearly this morning. I meant more like 13-14 days. I actually would not recomend stabilizing much earlier than at least the 2 week mark.

Thank you. I will wait til the weekend.

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