White Labs Pure Pitch

So i recently purchased the Grapefruit Pulpin kit and selected the White Labs Pure Pitch yeast
packet. Do I need to make a starter or can it be pitched directly into primary for fermentation.
Sorry kinda of a newbie question just havent run into needing a starter on my previous batches>

It is a good question. Whether or not you need to make a starter depends upon the age of the yeast, the original gravity of the beer, and the volume in the fermentor. I always check with a pitch rate/starter calculator. I like this one. Seems to have the most accurate viability calculator.

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I’d listen to @flars he really knows his stuff when it comes to yeast.

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I really like the pure pitch packaging. For an IPA, you really want to make a starter for liquid yeast, especially with a west coast style that should be clean.

That being said, I’m a big fan of the under-pitch and over-oxygenate method when it comes to a beer with yeast character, and the last couple times I used white labs pure pitch, I didn’t bother with a starter and the yeast took off like a rocket. It seems to be incredibly healthy in the new packages! The last two were a Belgian wit (1.048 OG) and an ESB (1.061 OG). But I want the esters in these beers.

But for a sculpin clone? Large pitch is a good idea to ferment it as cleanly as possible with guidance from an online yeast calculator. That beer should have a fairly high OG (the original is 7%ABV I think?) and underpitching is probably going to be too estery.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the input! That calculator is going to be a great tool. I went ahead and got a
stir plate and yeast starter kit thanks again for the all the help you guys