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White labs German lager yeast 830

I’ve never used this strain before and I was wondering about how active it gets. Fermentation range is between 50 and 55 and the temperature is right down the middle at 52.8. After a couple of days I could see some bubbles sitting on top of the airlock but really did not see any bubbles coming up. Is this a slow reaction yeast? Important notes. The OG was 1.060. my Yeast Starter only propagated for 24 hours. There was yeast growth in the starter but I am unsure how much. Possibility of under pitching? Not sure on that one.


Its a lager, so it won’t get all worked up like ale temps and yeast do… You keep working on your starters… When I brew on Saturday , I would do a starter from a vial, on Tuesday… I now use the, “shake the living bejesus into it” method, and whenever I’m close by, I’ll rial it up… Then come Thursday, I’ll add some more starter juice to it… again, repeating the instructions from above…
The first starter, I will use 1 quart of boiled water, take it off the burner, add 3/4 cup DME… The second time I add starter juice, 1 quart boiled water, then 1 cup DME… Keep swirling it when you are by it… So now Saturday, I’ll have some very active yeast… You’ll find the sweet spot when tinkering with yeast… And you’ll make them happy! Sneezles61

Actually, I am seeing some activity in the airlock now. Yeah I know lager yeast are not as active as Gayle but I was just wondering if maybe I had underpitched due to the gravity of the beer but I guess that was not the case. Thanks!

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