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White Labs Cream Ale Blend (WLP080) and extended lagering?

I brewed the Speckled Heifer recipe and used the cream ale blend offered by White Labs, WLP080. The starter I made got this beer off to a good start and put it at FG in about 1 week. I have read some comments that the beer will benefit from a month or so in a secondary before bottling. Is this true? Does anyone have experience with the blend?



I’ve made this, and it does smooth out a bit with aging, but the main benefit I found was clarity.

My second batch with this yeast is in secondary now - the first spent a week in primary bucket and 2 weeks in secondary carboy, and was quite smooth and easy drinking after 3 weeks in the bottle and still continues to be after several months. Long answer to say, eh, could be? I doubt it would hurt.

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