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White Labs 565 - The Beast

First Time using WLP565 (Wyeast 3724 equivalent).

2 step starter → WLP565 tube → 1L starter → 2L starter

Each received yeast nutrient (Wyeast). No stir plate. Starter smelled of black pepper and bread.

Mashed @ ~150F for 90. Temp fell to 147F. Pure O2 for 90 seconds.

Open fermentation (Well, actually fermented in boil kettle, just kept the lid on, no airlock).

Day 1 - Pitched @ 67F.
Day 2 - Heat Pad to 85F.
Day 3 - Heat Pad to 85F.
Day 4 - Heat Pad to 85F.

1.064 → 1.008 in 4 days. Wow.

Smells of black pepper and spice, a freshly opened pickle jar.

Belgian Pilsner and Sorachi Ace hops.

Will give it another week at 85F then lower to room temp. for several weeks before bottling. Dry hop with Sorachi Ace hops also.

From what I’ve read, fusels with this yeast at high temps aren’t a big concern.

We’ll see, might transfer to secondary in a week or so… will be the end of February beginning of March before I can taste this one.

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