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White Labs 320 Am Hefe

First time using this yeast. Pitched 2 vials (no starter) on Thurs at 70 deg. OG 1.048 all grain Am wheat style. Not much fermentation for 2 days ( carboy around 65- swamp cooler), then it took off “normally” now 4 days into it has gone crazy, had to use the blow off tube. Used Wyeast 1010 and 1056 on other batches and never saw this kind of activity. Common with this yeast? BTW, the description mentions that there could be some sulphur smell, not noticiable at all.


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I think it has more to do with the wheat than the yeast. I just did a wheat beer using wyeast 3068. Most of the time I get beer through air lock but this time I didn’t. I pitched at 60 degrees and kept the fermenter at 64. Alot of people will use blow off tubes when doing anything with alot of wheat in it.

Could be the 70 degrees. That is pretty warm and a great environment for a very active fermentation, espcially with a hefe yeast. I have noticed over the years that keeping a hefe yeast in the low 60s really controls the fermentation to a “normal” level.

I bet your beer will be good. So many commercial American Wheat beers just seem kind of bland, like they do not have a direction. A homebrew version would probably have some more flavor. I might try this style someday but I am just too hung up on Bavarian wheat beers!

Should have mentioned that I am keeping the carboy at 64-65 deg, the yeast range is 65-69. Pitched at 70 and quickly cooled the 5 gallons down. This is really crazy fermentation, day 5 after pitching

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