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White IPA

Just took the first sampling at 20 days. It finished at 1.012 fairly quickly with the Forbidden Fruit initially at 68 for three days then gradually up to 76 to finish. Aroma is fantastic, pineapple and mango mostly with mild lemon/orange. Flavor is chewy and mildly malty. This will likely clean up with time. Finish is grapefruit bitterness and some alcoholic warmth. If this matures like I think it will, I have a new summer beer. I am impressed with the citra in this recipe. I have two more ounces that will probably end up in a Cascadian Dark or a Saison Noel.

Not to interrupt your recipes but Washington Post writer Daniel Fromson wrote a pretty nice article on White IPA’s on June 13th, and he mentioned ALL the beers you guys are talking about in this thread.

Article here if you’re interested: ... story.html

edited to add I didn’t realize you couldn’t view the whole article unless you were a ‘member’ or registered with the WP.

Here’s a scan of the article. Clicking on the article should open it for viewing without scrolling. I assume I can post it without some bs copyright infringement?


Just checking on people’s results with these recipes seeing if there’re any tweaks or adjustments they’d recommend or new recipes they’ve discovered since.

Final impressions didn’t change much from my 3 week taste. When I do this again this summer, I will thin this out a bit with 10% sugar. I will also search harder for sour oranges or use Grand Marnier, which worked really well for the Saison Noel. I still don’t think the sage/lemongrass thing adds much, but that’s my simple mind at work.
Good luck

I bought WLP 500 for this recipe. Anyone have any advice on using it here?

Gearing up for this year’s version and am contemplating dropping the 60 min bravo and FWH 3oz (citra/centennial/cascade) and FO another 3oz (citra/centennial/cascade).
What do you think?
I think the wheat will not miss the bittering hops at all.

I’ve been slowly transitioning to FWH entirely and phasing out 60 min additions. It’s been working out fantastically.

I just did this again with 1/2 oz each centennial, cascade and citra in FWH and 1 1/2 each centennial, cascade and citra in hop stand at 170 for 30min. The corriander and orange were added in the hop stand as well…wonderful aroma. We’ll see what happens.

Early tastings of this are great! My hop stand ended up being 30min at 165. The aroma is wonderful, very nice tropical start. The lack of 60min hop is noticeable as the original “wit” beer flavor hits you then the hops take over quickly. The finish is long and smooth without any harsh bitterness. At 8.2% ABV, this is dangerous. If I had to change anything, it would be to use less “grapefruit” hops. This beer will be a great base for trials of all the newer “tropical” hop varieties…if I can get any.

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