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White IPA?

So theres the Cascadian Dark Ale/ Black IPA … and they ROCK !!

I have a Wheaten Beatdown fermenting right now and was thinking ,hmmmmm What about crafting up a good White IPA ?? Is this reinventing the wheel ? I mean i know they have this kit, and then I witnessed a bitter Wit style from some commercial craft brewer at whole foods last night. My wife and I looked at each other like dag on it day late dollar short on this “new style” we had been thinking up.

Dont get me wrong, I know its all about having fun making what you desire and learning along the way. Also that your prob not going to do anything that has not been done before!! Im only starting out in the HB scene myself but ive been a craft beer follower since 2000… i turn 30 in a couple weeks, so a bit before i was allowed leagally to drink i was already into good stuff as my step dad brewed… and never seen much/any of this “style” until its just now. Its just starting to poke its head out.

The Black IPA is a “new” style so what about a White one ??? Could we, as a whole, craft an amazing new style that may take roots in the US scene ?? Or am i being a noob/redundant fool ??

Discuss …

I’ve just started seeing Shock-Top Wheat IPA at my local stores. So if that’s what you’re going after that might be something to try. I’m not a wheat fan so I’ve not tried it.

Sam Adam’s has a beer called “Whitewater IPA” which is a white IPA. It’s okay, not my favorite by any means. I do like black IPA a lot, dark beer + hops = win. I’m not a huge fan of wheat beers in general anyway, so it makes sense that I don’t care for it as much. But FFF’s Gumballhead is delicious, it’s supposedly a wheat IPA, not quite the same as a white IPA, perhaps, but same principle.

CDA is a fad that can’t go away too soon, AFAIAC.

I enjoy a white beer in its place, say a hot day or pairing with food. Not always was I a fan… I used to think they tasted like dish soap.

I forgot about shock top I am trying to remember aforementioned craft brewer that i saw in the store but cant recall ATM, I picked up the Heavy Seas black IPA and Duck Rabbits Baltic Porter cause it was snowing and lets face it they are both great beers

Thanks for the other suggestions as well. I will have 5 gal in another couple weeks of the Wheaten Beatdown too.

I have been enjoying the uncovering of yeast strains used and the effects of different fermentation temps to the flavors added in white beers and its intriguing to me as of late. So many flavors to be produced and then balanced. I suppose its the same with any other style but that’s where my heads been lately. Partly cause im here in the south and my yards about to need a good grooming :slight_smile:

Denny wrote:


Could not agree more!

How about a Belgian IPA based on a tripel grain bill with a Wit yeast?


Yeah, it’s a fad, especially that idiotic name. I’m sure you know how I feel about it already 8)

I do really like dark/black IPA’s though, just no need to call them silly names or be territorial about it.
Belgian IPA’s are the big fad this year, overrated in my opinion. But, that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

i agree with the territorial stuff naming and all that … i was just pondering the style and it then popping up everywhere was coincidence… if a beers good its good who cares where it ca,e from or what its named?

at least there is one thing to be said about it all … at least people are trying things and not staying stale …isnt that what part of being able to brew your own is all about ??

Ill try em all, heck may brew em all at one time or another,Then maybe never again. Or fall in love with one from tweaking it and be happy. Whats the worst that could happen ? Youll have beer … ill wager better than anything that i can get at the gas station down the street.

I personally like wheat beer and since I’m in love with IPAs and Extra/IIPA’s I like to have a Wheat IPA every now and then. Black Diamond Brewery makes a Wheat IPA named Wheat Wacker that is QUITE tasty. At least for me it is.

Nice hidden Lebowski quote, Lebowski… :mrgreen:

I can’t agree if I don’t know what it means. Chronic Dark Ale?

Enlighten me please.

[quote=“Duder”]Denny wrote:


Could not agree more![/quote]

I thought the same thing until I realized and am now just assuming that it means Cascadian Dark Ale. I could totally be wrong though! :cheers:

Chronic Dark Ale sounds pretty great though :mrgreen: and grassy flavored I’d assume!

^ yeah, It’s Cascadian Dark Ale. lots of brewerys around here are experimenting with the style. personally i could care less about the name, they opened my eyes to dark hoppy beers which I now enjoy very much

THIS :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s Cross Dressing Amateurs.

See, for me it’s the opposite…I have yet to find a version that I think integrates the dark malt and high hopping well.

CDA= Cross Dressing Amateur

Deschutes makes the Conflux #2 which is white IPA. It is quite good.

As for CDA, yes maybe it’s a fad but what’s up with the hostility?? If you don’t like it (which I know many don’t) you don’t have to drink it. Personally I love it (particularly Deschutes Hop in the Dark and Victory’s Yakima Glory). Drink what you want to drink/brew and I will drink/brew what I want too. Isn’t that why we all love this hobby.

Had a Saranac White IPA, did not like it.
I have a suspicion that the Klan is behind the White IPA movement.

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