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White ipa with wlp 550?

I wanted to use a wit yeast, but the very knowledgeable gurus at my lhbs recommended switching to wlp 550. Any thoughts? I definitely am not excited about phenolic content, but swmbo wants a chainbreaker-ish white IPA. What do you guys think? I can’t get wyeast so let’s leave that by the wayside.

550 should work well. I’m not crazy about Belgian phenolics with lots of hops, but a lot of people are, and 550 is a standard choice for this.

I have one dry hopping right now. I used Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit. I will tell you my thoughts in a couple days after I keg it.

I just used 550 on a Grisette and it came out hugely drinkable. Very easy to use yeast which can stand higher temps.

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