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White House Honey Ale fermenting


This is what happened when I fermented in the 1 gallon jug that was provided to me with the starter kit. If I would of known ahead of time that I needed more headspace I would of gotten a bigger jug. But we all learn something when were trying something new. :smiley:

Did it fill your airlock as well?

Yes, I cleaned it out and put it back on. Everything now is going good and I’m now waiting until I bottle it.

By the looks of it, I bet it will be great! Good luck and I hope it turns out well.


Blow off tube. Super cheap and you won’t have to be cleaning out the airlock. The one gallon jugs don’t allow much space for active fermentation but not everything is perfect.

I brew one gallon batches and I ran into this problem but once I went to blow off tube and small bucket it was smooth fermenting after that.

I agree with getting the blowoff tube and the larger bucket, more room for the krausen to grow. Would getting the 3 gallon glass carboy be fine with just brewing one gallon batches for it to ferment in?

A 3 gallon carboy will work. Another option is a two gallon bucket. I use mine as a bottling bucket as well. ... -base.html

If you go that route make sure it comes with a lid.

i had the exact same issue with my WHHA 1gal kit. Don’t worry though, keep the airlock clean and you should be fine after the first 24 hours (you probably are already well past that). The beer is great, I’m definitely planning on making more of it in the future. Big hit with all my friends!!!

Here is a picture of the Honey Ale in a pint glass. Today was the first day I got to pop open a bottle and try it. Its not to bad, I can taste the honey towards the end of the sip but overall its good. It is a little darker in color than what I thought it would be when compared to the picture.

Nice! Did the carbonation come out ok? I can not see any bubbles in the photo.

Yes there was some carbonation. Not that bubbly but I have not yet tried another bottle after giving it another week to sit. I will let you know how this next bottle turns out.

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