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White House Brew Recipe

A bunch of people are asking the White House to release the recipe for the Home Brew. You can find the petition at the link below: ... e/XkpkYwc0

Where’s the petition to sell the recipe to the highest bidder and use the money to help pay down the national debt?

Maybe Jim Koch could put it in a special six pack and donate the profits to the debt.


I’ll pass. I’m guessing this recipe lacks gravity, has no backbone, and will leave a bitter aftertaste.

[quote=“Mike A.”]I’m guessing this recipe lacks gravity, has no backbone, and will leave a bitter aftertaste.[/quote]I think you’ll find this recipe much tastier than the other guy’s which contains a post-fermentation boil to remove all alcohol. :wink:

I find it odd that anyone believes it exists.

If they (and I mean all politicians) make a living on the lie - I’ve little reason to believe that it really happened to begin with.

Oh - not that it has legs, I’m sure they’re working big time on creating it, just not ready to believe it was a real thing.

If you’re forced to drink it your body shuts things down so you don’t get drunk. :roll:

I’m guessing it has a lot of promise, but probably is very, very slow to deliver. And when it does you really have to sift through everyone else’s misinformation about the flavor to know how you feel about it.

Donald Trump questioned whether it was even brewed in the USA (but then again, he’s a certified bonehead).

Uh oh…is my post gonna get the thread shut down???

Oh well, I think we were already approaching the borderline anyway, so what the hell…
(sorry, mods…)

I guess I’m one of the few that doesn’t see why anybody cares about the recipe. :?

Nope, I’m with you. Guessing by all the jokes in this thread, I don’t think many others care either.

Actually what surprises me is that anyone will ever really get behind either sides recipes. As far as I can tell when we as a country go to the cooler to buy six pack o president we all pretty much cast our stone against someone. Those people that will actually proudly claim any of these folks worry me!

I think its time for a serious look at the two recipe only situation cause I’m pretty much hating both. The problem is I can’t find a reasonable alternative. Kinda like the days of my youth, the beer cooler was a vast wasteland of bland. This view is of a vast wasteland of … yuck.

If you google ‘white house honey ale recipe’, it’s funny what articles come up. It makes it seem like the homebrew community is just dying to know what’s in this secret concoction. It’s crazy how much attention, criticism, praise, etc etc etc these kinds of things get.

Amazing and Sad.

The amazin is I think obvious (it is presidential and all). The sad? If the taster is a republican or conservative he/she will hate it. If the opposite they will say it is the best ever tasted. The actual substance dosen’t matter. You could have put colored water or the finest RIS ever brewed in that glass and you would have gotten the same result. No real evaluation. Thus the flavor you mentioned to the discussion surrounding it. Praise on one side criticism on the other. This will be a recipe you will have to actually brew to get an honest opinion on.

Extract recipes. ... eer-recipe

Fact is, I care a helluva lot less about any of the commercial beers on the shelves these days. :shock:

But as a longtime homebrewer, I’m certainly curious about the WH brew, even if it’s something I might not make myself (I generally save my honey for mead, and my wheat for bread).

The kitchen in the White House has some top talent, and I’m guessing the chef(s) in charge of the House brews has the skills and comprehension of the relatively simple processes involved to do it right. Lets face it-- making good beer is dead-simple. That aspect of the story is not that big of a deal. But I am interested in what they’re brewing, at least on a ‘curiosity’ level.

I guess I’m not as jaded as some brewers appear to be… I just think it’s great that the POTUS has an interest in brewing at the White House.

Did one of the white house chefs actually say fermentator? ha…
Anyway, funny they did a video and kinda neat to see. Nice also that they posted the recipes for those that would like to copy them. ... eer-recipe

if you want to make some

In the video it seemed that they topped off the secondary - water? Was I just not paying attention or was it out of sequence?

I believe they did, he made mention to till it to the bottom of the neck, only way that would be possible would be with water correct?

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