Whirlpool with CFC

I was disappointed with the hop character I got from the whirlpool hops on my last batch, a pale ale, after changing from using an immersion chiller to counter flow chiller. I let the WP hops sit 10 minutes then drained which took another 10 minutes. 20 minutes at near boiling was clearly way to much. I don’t brew a lot of hoppy beers so I’m trying to think of work arounds.

I was thinking of adding the WP hops and starting to drain at the same time next time. My other idea was to drain the pot down over half way then add the WP hops then drain. Any ideas out there?

What is it you disliked about the beer you WP hopped?

Was it too bitter? What effect were you looking for from your whirlpool hops? If you want more flavor and less bitterness, cool your wort to below 180* and whirlpool at that temp. This will prevent further isomerization of the alpha acids which is what causes the increased bitterness.